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Derek A. Lackey
Many brands become a brand by chance rather than design. This article - "How B2B companies talk past their customers" - from McKinsey Quarterly underscores the current B2B branding landscape and it isn't pretty. The main difference between B2C branding and B2B branding is resources. B2C see branding as their key success driver. They understand the importance of creating the right perceptions with their targeted consumer. They know it is not a luxury, it is a neccessity. So of course they invest... read more

Educated Persistence vs Delusional Persistence

Derek A. Lackey
One of the downsides of the World Wide Web has been free access to a great deal of information about a great deal of topics. We all know enough to be dangerous about a lot of subjects. Maybe true depth of understanding an industry or a sector can only be gained by working in that industry for a reasonable period of time.

Entrepreneurs often require unusually high levels of persistence - often perceived as "entrepreneurial stubbornness" - in order to bring their vision to the world. Steve... read more


Derek A. Lackey

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Robert H. Lane

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Effective Go to Market Strategies For Start Ups

9 out 10 start ups do not survive. One of the primary reasons is: their target audience does not know what the offer is and why they need it in their lives.

All too often a start up has a great idea, well executed. Then the challenge of clearly describing the offering in a way that connects and moves your audience to action. In this book Derek A. Lackey and Robert H.Lane address the key issues and help you think your way through this challenging stage. Many start ups find themselves having to do this several times due to pivots driven by the market feedback. This is a muscle every start up needs to build in order to be successful in this busy marketplace.